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BBL Skin

What is BBL Skin rejuvenation?

‘Genetic Regeneration’
DNA contains encrypted information. That’s how every living thing is born. As long as our DNA remains intact, it can produce healthy copies of itself, function fully, create healthy new cells, and life continues.
Aging is a DNA damage. Degenerative diseases occur when damaged DNA cannot regenerate. Due to DNA damage, not only cancer, allergic diseases, cap vessel diseases, systemic diseases such as obesity; but skin aging, wrinkles, age spots are also seen. DNA that has been damaged at least 30 000 – 50 000 times a day has to renew itself quickly.

Basic building blocks of the skin:
Chondroitin Sulfate,
Ester C.
To prevent collagen degradation and moisturizing: Squalene, Hyaluronic acid
As antioxidant: Ester C, Alpha lipoic acid, CoenzimQ-10

BBL means ‘broad band light’ used in Non-Surgical Skin Rejuvenation. BBL is a special light source with FDA approval for skin rejuvenation and genetic regeneration at wavelengths between 400 – 1200 nm.
BBL regenerates gene structures in aging human skin and may make it similar to that of young skin.

What causes skin wear?

* Exposure to UV rays of the sun
*To smoke
* Unhealthy nutrition
* lazy life
*Irregular sleep
* Excess weight gain
* Mental traumas
* Insufficient fluid intake
* Excessive alcohol consumption
* Use of drugs or stimulants
* Unconscious drug consumption

The products that repair DNA damage and protect the DNA are called ‘New generation Anti-Aging Applications’. Regular BBL application can renew and rejuvenate the skin and delay skin aging by stimulating natural ways. BBL can regenerate the 1293 gene structure to provide a younger appearance. Collagen deposition and increase in elasticity may improve fine wrinkles, pigmentation irregularities, spots, and vascular redness. BBL can reduce the signs of long-term aging of the skin and delay the occurrence of new problems. The skin looks fresher, and younger and if done regularly; always maintains it. Many studies at Stanford University have shown that it provides rejuvenation at the genetic level of the skin.

What is the purpose of BBL?

Especially in areas that are very vulnerable to environmental damage such as face, neck, décolleté and hand;
Face lift, skin tightening,
Skin color regulation (dappled source of uncertain blackened skin),
Skin tone equalization,
Fine wrinkles on the skin,
Spots (sun, old age, pregnancy or congenital origin),
Capillaries (Telangiectasia),
Roseau (red cheeked face),
Large pores,
Active acne and acne,

BBL , a high-beam technology, can cause changes and improvements at the molecular level without damaging the skin. It can warm the epidermis (skin surface) and make it work more. BBL is applied to the upper layers of the skin and slightly heats it. This light energy, which is gradually absorbed by the skin layers in the targeted areas, can trigger collagen production of existing cells and make the skin look firmer than the first application. Thus, collagen production is increased and the skin can thicken and tighten.
It can get rid of stains and vein-induced redness with different wavelengths As a result, the skin that gains elasticity can rejuvenate in age, gain resistance to new skin damage, and regenerate through a genetic repair process.

What is the mechanism of action of BBL?

BBL is a patented light technology. BBL produces scattered light at various wavelengths in the range of 400 – 1200 nm. Based on the effects of light on living things, it is a flash lamb technology that filters the light. As a result of research at the University of Stanford, BBL technology has proven to rejuvenate the genetic material of the skin.
BBL provides treatment options for every layer of skin using different filters from 400 to 1200 nanometers, not just fixed to a particular skin problem. Treatment is planned individually. It provides the opportunity to treat both stains, capillaries and loss of elasticity in one session. The wavelength to be used is determined according to the skin type and skin problems to be treated. Developed by the American Scientists by taking the beneficial parts of light and filtering the harmful parts, this method can significantly improve the DNA structure and affect the RNA structure that affects the production of collagen.
Each wavelength is absorbed by different types of colorants in the tissues. This allows the skin to be thermally damaged and regenerated in a controlled manner. Rejuvenation is the regeneration of aging cells and tissues by changing their structures to gain a young characteristic. BBL has different procedures for the problem of the skin with different headings: to improve elastin-collagen elasticity, to remove hemoglobin vascular-induced redness, and eliminate melanin spots. A particular light band for the skin problem can be used in the same BBL application which can significantly improve skin quality.

The light energy applied to the upper layers of the skin via the device used for the treatment of BBL gently heats these layers. This heat energy, which is gradually absorbed by the skin layers in the targeted areas, can trigger collagen production of existing cells and make the skin look firmer than the first application.
BBL treatment, a long-standing skin renewal and rejuvenation method in America and Europe, may be one of the most appropriate methods for patients suffering from reduced jaw line, facial and neck skin looseness, fine wrinkles, variegated pigmentation or red vascular lesion appearance. After BBL treatment, the skin may stretch and tighten.
After BBL application, there may be long-term edema and long-term redness of the skin.

How does BBL rejuvenates the skin?

BBL can repair skin problems as well as renew cell structure. Although the results of treatment vary according to the individual, according to the literature in Stanford University, it may provide a younger appearance after 3 sessions of treatment.
BBL technology can stimulate collagen fibers in the dermis layer and stimulate new inactivated fibroblast fibers with the effect of advancing age, and synthesize new fibroblasts and produce new elastin-collagen synthesis.

What is the treatment time?

The number and duration of sessions vary according to the skin problems to be treated. It can be applied for 3 sessions in an interval of 3 weeks. The sessions may vary between 45 minutes and 1 hour depending on the type of treatment.
Scientific evidence suggests that regular BBL treatment regenerates the skin and slows down aging.

Painless and Does not require local anesthesia

What is the role of BBL in the treatment of blemishes and freckles?

Spot Treatment with BBL is a procedure that helps to lighten the spots on the skin and protects the skin at the same time.

Can definite results be achieved?

BBL for Blemish and freckle treatment results can be seen as whitening in skin color. Different rates vary from person to person. Depending on the patient’s skin type and the number of sessions applied, opening of the spots may be more pronounced. Combination with other lasers may be recommended depending on the type of stain (if the skin is thick, if there is a porous skin structure such as sponge and acne scars, so if the skin is planned to peel, the combined Radiofrequency Fractional CO2 Laser or Thulium Laser may be recommended if the stain is thought to be melasma).

Is it possible to get rid of the stains completely?

It is impossible to speak clearly in any treatment. Depending on the history of the blemish, skin type, diseases and age, a BBL treatment can be planned. The treatment of surface spots is easier. Another advantage is the light color of the skin. The higher the spots on the upper layers of the epidermis, the better the response to treatment. Sunspots and age spots respond quickly, while pregnancy spots are more resistant. Even if the stain is opened in the case of melasma, the disease is of genetic origin and it is likely to be renewed with many warnings and stimulant factors should be avoided.

How many sessions does the treatment take?

With BBL stain treatment, visible opening of the stain may occur in the first session. This is very important for the patient’s confidence in treatment. It is best to determine the number of sessions according to the status of the stains.

What are the side effects of treatment?

After BBL stain application, the color of the stain darkens and a very light darkness may occur on it. It can be seen that the stain is opened within 7-10 days.

What should be considered during the treatment?

The most important point is to protect from the sun. It is mandatory to use high-factor sunscreens during BBL stain treatment. It is also important to intensely moisturize the skin.

Does BBL prevent skin cancer?

The response of the global gene structures in natural aging and light-aged skin to BBL treatment is quite satisfactory. By performing genetic repair, BBL repairs genetic damage to the skin and may prevent the development of skin cancer.
Skin biopsies were also obtained from 5 volunteers who were not exposed to sun aging under 30 years of age who did not undergo skin renewal treatment with BBL.
Clinically, it was observed that the skin healed and improved in terms of visible aging parameters after 3 BBL treatments. Fine wrinkles and discoloration are reduced and overall skin appearance is improved.
Tissue samples from the treated and untreated areas of the elderly and young patients were examined histologically at molecular level and compared in detail. Histological examination revealed that the wrinkles caused by loss of elasticity in the treated areas of elderly patients were lessened and decreased in prominence compared to the untreated area. In addition, it was determined that the epidermal thickness of BBL treated areas increased significantly.
When the gene structures were compared, it was seen that the treated skin samples of elderly patients were more similar to the skin samples taken from younger patients than the untreated patients. 1293 gene expression was rejuvenated. The skin rejuvenation and renewal process has been verified. These skin resurfacing studies have shown that changes in gene structures caused by regular BBL treatments make older cells structurally similar to younger cells.

How to Set BBL Session Intervals?

in 3 weeks intervals; 3 times BBL treatment is ideal. Repeated once in 6-8 months, the effect can be ideal. BBL sessions may take longer. This may not change the result.
BBL Non- Surgical Skin Rejuvenation is an application that makes a significant contribution to the skin even when a single session is performed. It is therefore recommended to apply the problem whenever an opportunity exists, regardless of summer or winter.

Is the application painful?

during the BBL Non- surgical Skin Rejuvenation application there is no pain, and here is no uncomfortable feeling except for a slight feeling of heat.

What should be considered after BBL Non-surgical Skin Rejuvenation?

There is no special case that needs attention. Since there is no laser peeler, it can be done safely even in summer. It does not peel skin. Immediately after the application, make-up, shower, sports can be done.

BBL application is recommended especially because it increases the sun resistance of the skin before the summer holidays.