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What is Botox?

Botox is obtained from the bacteria Clostridium Botulinum. It is an exotoxin obtained from the bacteria under laboratory conditions.

How does it work?

It may prevent the release of substances that provide conduction at the nerve endings. It can act by stopping the electrical conduction between the nerves and their stimulated muscles or sweat glands. As the Botox is Stopping nerve conduction that may lead to a decrease in muscle activity which causes the nerve to stimulate false mimics.

What is it used for?

Mostly, it can be used to reduce wrinkles caused by false facial expressions on the face and to lift up the lip corners and the tip of the nose. In the Masseter it can reduce the uncontrolled activity of the muscle and can be used to prevent excessive sweating in the armpits and hand-feet.

In which areas is Botox applied?

Botox for the forehead and around the eyes
Due to incorrect or over-functioning mimic muscles on the face, thin lines are formed around the forehead and eyes. Botox is a very good muscle trainer and a true teacher. Botox is used to prevent irreversible expression disorders caused by excessive muscle movements due to false mimics and to prevent the loss of natural expression.
The aim of Botox application is to preserve the natural look and natural facial expressions. A young girl with a very young and soft character may appear very stiff and irritable because she frowns uncontrollably. By applying Botox at an early age, it can prevent using resentment gestures as a false habit at the time of concentration and preserve its natural appearance. In fact, mimics, which should be used only at the time of amazement and astonishment, which are called as the deepening accordion lines on the forehead, can always show the person confused, scared and anxious as a result of misuse and overuse. Especially in professional groups such as journalists, lawyers, psychiatrists, people who listen to them for a long time can sometimes have a single eyebrow as if they have had facial paralysis, and some even think that this is their natural appearance. When the face is returned to normal with Botox, the eyebrow-to-eye distance becomes more symmetrical and the expression may appear brighter. With the help of Botox, the wrinkles formed can be treated and new wrinkles can be prevented. It is also a method used in migraine treatment as it can prevent headache because it will relax the nerves when applied to the forehead area. Botox can increase blood flow to the scalp as it stops muscle spasms in the forehead, and especially in middle aged women and men the hair is becomes lifeless and starts thinning, that’s why when applying Botox to the hair line is protective in terms of hair health.

Lip Corner Botox

Lip corner is one of the most complained areas of women and men especially after middle age. In time, the corners of the mouth are pulled down with the thickening and hardening of the Depressor Anguloris Oris muscle. This can create a sad and depressed look. The descent in the corners of the mouth starting after the middle age may accelerate over time and an unhappy and tearful expression may occur at any time. Because of this expression, a person may feel alienated each time he looks in the mirror. Depressor Anguloris Oris muscle can be loosened with a small touch of Botox to the corners of the lips for a more natural and happy expression. The forehead, nose and chin ratio should be close to each other, called the ‘Golden Ratio’. The chin and neck ratio of our race is short. Even at a very young age, this shortness attracts attention and disrupts facial proportion. For those who want a more ideal face image, lip cosmetic and chin filling are recommended rather than serious aesthetic operations. It is recommended that people with dental problems get Botox, to protect their jaws as much as possible, especially because the jaw bones are weakened and melted over time and the jaw tip is curled forward because of the appearance called ‘witch jaw’.

Over the Lips Botox
Repetitive movements around the mouth may cause a number of skin wrinkles on the lip. These are called ‘cigarette lines’. These lines are genetically biased and may occur at an early age, even in non-smokers. These lines, which deepen and sharpen over time, are often recommended as well as contour light filling along with Botox, over the lip.

Chin (Masseter) Botox
The masseter muscle may involuntarily develop more than normal and get out of control as a result of over-tightening of the teeth. Due to the uncontrolled masseter muscle, tooth enamel can be eroded and tooth roots may be damaged. This problem is particularly common in people living in metropolitan cities. Because of the stress of living conditions, the pressure of the masseter muscle on the jaw bones and teeth may gradually increase and get out of control. Uncontrolled clenching during the day can be added to the grinding of teeth during sleep. This can be dangerous for dental health. Teeth are organs that cannot repair themselves. Damage to the teeth is irreversible. As the teeth are lost, blood circulation will decrease and the jawbone metabolism may be disrupted, in later cases the jaw may be bent forward and shortened, which may continue as a vicious circle.
The clenching problem can affect dental health as well as mental health. People clenching their teeth at night can start the day tired and frustrated. People who grind and squeeze teeth may be prone to depression because their sleep quality is poor and they suffer constantly. A feeling of heaviness in the jaws and pain, as well as contracted cracking sounds when opening and closing the mouth due to impaired joints. People with pain may think that they are going to have a neck hernia and have tried various physical therapy and massage techniques. This group of patients may notice that all these head, neck and back pains have decreased after masseter Botox.
as of the masseter muscles become very large, patients with clenching problems may have a protruding, angular, shorter and more cheeky face. Masseter muscle can relax and be thinner after Botox is applied. As the clenching problem decreases, the jaw contour will become clearer and the face will become thinner and longer.
Masseter Botox can be applied not only for health but also for beauty.

Nose Tip Botox;
It can be applied to remove the tip of the nose and to highlight the contour of the upper lip. With nose tip Botox, a more aesthetic nasal tip will emerge. Facial expression will become clearer and more beautiful. Nose tip Botox can prevent the gums from appearing. People who use prosthesis, anterior implants or braces, people who smoke a lot, have anemic, or have gingival recessions are recommended to have nose tip Botox for a more aesthetic smile since their gums may be discolored.

Armpit Botox;
By using Botox, the transmission between sweat glands and nerve endings can be stopped and the operation of sweat glands can be reduced. As this might create a lot of problems in social and business life, Botox can help them especially when applied to the palms and armpits.
Armpit Botox is one of the most common medical aesthetic applications before summer. Armpit Botox is recommended to everyone who wants to be more confident in summer and to live an active social life without fear of sweat. Armpit Botox does not only prevent sweating, it can also prevent darkening of the armpits, stop inflammation of the hair follicles, reduce wrinkles of the armpit skin and make it look more beautiful. Armpit Botox prevent sweat-induced odors and stains in the body during the summer period and this is very important psychological support, which can increase self-confidence. Armpit Botox’s effect can last for 8-10 months.

Neck (Nefertiti) Botox;
Age development, long-time desk work (keeping the jaw tip very close to the body for a long time), the effect of genetic and environmental factors in the neck region cause the platysmas (vertical) bands to be formed. And The neck appears shorter, thicker and flaccid (Turkey’s neck). Vertical bands give the person an edgy look. Shortening of the platysma’s patches can also increase the sad appearance as it also draws down the corners of the lips and causes the chin to appear short. The activity of the muscles that shorten the platysmas bands can be reduced by the application of Botox to the neck area. The neck may look more elegant, long, alive, tense and young (Swan’s neck).

Baby Botox;
It is a meso Botox process applied homogenously to the mesenchymal layer in order to make the skin appear more vivid and bright and to reduce fine wrinkles. In our clinic It is applied using the Aqua Roller system. Aqua Roller; is very suitable for people who don’t want to lose their mimics and do not prefer injection. It is used to reduce the fine wrinkles on the surface rather than stopping the mimics and to increase the absorption of PRP and stain-lifting serums that it is frequently used in deep layers of the skin. The use of Botox in Aqua Roller application is known as ‘Baby Botox ‘ because it does not affect mimics but reduces wrinkles and brightens the skin. It is especially preferred because of the glare effect seen before special days such as engagement, wedding, graduation, seminars and because it does not cause damage to the skin.

When does the effect begin?

Botox’s effect starts in 48-72 hours. The actual effect can be seen in 14 days.

How long does the effect last?

When first applied to facial wrinkles, the effect can last for 4 months. With repetitive applications, this period may extend up to 8-10 months. It is recommended to repeat it every 4-6 months.

Why isn’t it a single application?

Botox irreversibly binds to cAMP receptors in the nerve connections (synapses). In theory, this means that the effect on the nerve end to which it is connected is continuous. In practice, however, this is not the case. Over time, new nerve endings, called budding, can form from the nerve endings, causing the effect to disappear.

What is the benefit of regular Botox?

in people who regularly apply Botox, Mimic muscles that are used incorrectly can return to their natural activity. Angry or amazed facial expressions may not work at the moment of concentration, it is the right target to work only when angry or surprised. Since the jaw muscles that are out of control will stop; chin, neck, back, headaches will be relieved, and the patient becomes happier.
Botox is not a lifelong process. It is recommended to have it applied once every 4-6 months until the muscles are natural and normal for whatever purpose. When the Botox nurtures the muscles, its job ends. Whenever and in which muscle group there is a problem again, it can be re-applied to that area for out-of-control muscles. The age, activity and thickness of the muscles and the response to stress are important in this process. Over time, the duration of Botox’s effect may seem to be prolonged as a result of the harmony of the muscles and can be started at longer intervals.

How will the wrinkles look compared to the previous state when not done?

If not applied, wrinkles will be less than before because there is a significant pause in the mimic muscles.

What should be considered?

There is nothing wrong with taking a normal shower or cleaning the face and applying cream. 15 days after the application very high steam environments such as baths, saunas, or Spas should be avoided. hard massage should not be done in the area. And its okay for tying shoes, leaning forward, doing sports or lying face down.

Who cannot have the Botox applied?

When applied by an experienced doctor who knows the technique, it can provide patients with their expectations. However, it should not be applied to every patient and every line. In particular, patients with excessive eyelid folded and requiring aesthetic surgery, should not be applied to these people because they may have a worse appearance, after Botox application or eyelid lowness should not be forgotten, Botox injection should be done only in the appropriate areas.
Botox should not be used in people with diseases of the nervous-muscular system (such as Eaton-Lambert syndrome, myasthenia gravis).

Are there any side effects?

There may be short-term redness and swelling of the injection sites after administration. These will recover in a short time.