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Carbon Peeling

Carbon Peeling Nd: YAG Laser system is used to clean and narrow the pores. Carbon Peeling is a non-ablative skin regeneration process that is effective in removing the shine in the skin caused by oil and drying active acne.
Carbon Peeling treatment applied to the skin, increases heat, as a result in the skin can stimulate collagen and skin recovery may occur. as a result of the explosion of carbon molecules. a Reflex closure in the pores may start to occur. Skin tightening may occur. In skin with acne and similar problems, fat balance can be regulated and acne problem may be reduced.
The results of Carbon Peeling application may start to appear after 2-3 weeks. This laser treatment can treat subcutaneous tissues and the effect of the treatment can begin on the skin after about 3 weeks. After the application, it can be seen that the skin becomes more refined, bright and fresh.
Carbon Peeling can be used in the treatment of many complaints in the face area and its therapeutic effects are as follows;

Active acne treatment

Pore tightening

There is no need for topical anesthesia.
For active acne, a total of 4-6 sessions once a month can be recommended.
One session per month may be sufficient for protection and matting maintenance.
Total processing time is around 15 min-20 min.
redness that regresses within 15 minutes might occur

Carbon Peeling can be made to give the skin a more clear and mat appearance, while at the same time it can have an antiaging effect with elastin-collagen stimulation.

Carbon Peeling Q-Switched Nd: In the YAG laser process, a solution of plant carbon particles is applied to the area to be treated. These carbon particles are detonated by laser beams. Carbon is targeted by the Q-Switched Nd: YAG Laser and can cause the skin to fall out in the form of microscopic flakes, which are defined as almost ‘invisible’. In this way, both peeling and collagen production will be triggered and the heat effect can narrow the pores. It can shrink the sebaceous glands and reduce fat release.

Carbon Peeling can be used for protection after treatment due to the removal of oil on the skin surface and its antibacterial effect in combination with acne treatment.
Q-Switched Nd: YAG is used in Carbon Peeling process. At a wavelength of 1064 nm, the laser beam strikes carbon particles that are emitted into the skin with a short pulse rate of five millionths of a second. This high energy laser, which comes in very fast, explodes due to the energy transmitted in a short time and explodes the carbon particles adhered to the skin surface. Dead tissues on the surface of the skin and oil-contaminated dirt adhering to the pores gets blown away by carbon bursts and disappear. Carbon Peeling application can be done safely in all skin types can be a skin cleaning and disinfection process. After carbon peeling, not only the surface of the skin, but also the lower layers are affected. Collagen tissue will also increase and shorten elastin fibers. Carbon Peeling can eliminate the problem of oily skin and narrow the pores.
Carbon Peels can be used in combination with acne treatment as well as once a month for patients who do not suffer from acne but only suffer from oily skin and its glare. Oil-free moisturizer and sunscreen should be used after the procedure.