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Crystal Collagen

Anti-Aging and Photo-Aging Therapy

Crystal collagen, is type I heterogeneous collagen powder is a cell regenerating and rejuvenating product. Crystal collagen can produce Type III collagen from fibroblasts. Type III collagen can convert to amino acid and tripeptide. With this feature it can be an ideal anti-aging treatment.
Crystal collagen is a pure extracellular matrix and has no water retention. It may be best to apply it for rejuvenation, especially in people with cheeky, rounded facial features, as it does not cause edema when reconstructing the skin. It may require and tighten the skin without adding volume to the skin.
Crystal collagen can be used in anti-aging skin rejuvenation treatments as well as in skin ulcers, open wound treatments, and bed scars and sores.


Helps to remove wrinkles,
Helps repair acne scars,
Can treat atrophic scars and stretch scars,
It can increase the elasticity of the skin,
can repair, renew, Face, neck, hands and body skin.
It can be used in body and face chrono, photo-aging and scar treatment.

The first effects after application may begin to occur within 24 hours,
After 7 days, skin color and brightness improvement, irritation may begin to alleviate,
The full effect of the treatment (skin tightness, fatigue, recovery of loose skin, filling of fine lines and reduction of skin defects) can be achieved within 4 weeks of completion of treatment.
The effect can last for 9-12 months.
Treatment can be applied in one session. In case of necessity (advanced wrinkles on skin, acne scar, dryness, sun damage, etc.), it can be applied as 1 or 3 sessions in 2 weeks.