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Electri is manufactured according to international quality standards. Electri is hypoallergenic and does not contain foreign substances to the human body. The physiological concentration of Electri hyaluronic acid with succinate can easily be absorbed subcutaneously without causing edema of tissues and without mechanical trauma.
Electri is used to treat stains due to environmental factors, genetic causes, sun spots and melasma as it contains succinate, amber and hyaluronic acid. With Electri, the surface of the skin becomes bright and moisturized at the same time.
With Electri application, hydration, brightness, moisturization, correction of tired face appearance, color opening, hyperpigmentation can be prevented.
Electri application When combined with Thulium Laser spot treatment, the Thulium Laser can increase the effect and increase the effectiveness and retention of the result. While maintaining the natural appearance with Electri, natural and successful results can be seen in spot treatments.

Electri ‘s advantages:
contributes to increase cellular respiration.
contributes to the synthesis of proteins (collagen and elastin) in the skin structure.
effectively blocks free radicals and can increase microcirculation in the skin.
moisturizes the skin.
contributes to the strengthening of the basic substance of the dermis.
restores electrical tissue restoration.
provides a normal course of physiological processes.
protects the skin’s natural moisture.

The most important active ingredient of ELECTRI is SUCSINATE;
Succinate is a non-toxic natural metabolite. It has antioxidant properties and can block free radicals, and can accelerate the synthesis of elastin-collagen from the skin’s structural proteins. Succinate can increase the production of inflammatory proteins and regulate lipid metabolism. Due to its chelation property, it can bind to heavy metals (iron, copper, zinc, etc.) and prevent hyperpigmentation. The succinate, when combined with sodium succinate hyaluronic acid, can stimulate more fibroblasts rather than hyaluronic acid administration alone, creating a synergistic effect.
In the presence of succinate , the amount of cysteine, arginine, lysine, glycine, methionine, threonine, phenyl alanine may increase in FM and the number of cell mitochondria may increase and the cell structure may be rejuvenated.
Succinate can cause the tyrosine hydroxylase enzyme to block tyrosine to melanin by chelating with Cu ion. Since tyrosinase inhibition means less melanin formation, the reduction in stains after Electri injection is satisfactory.
Electri can be used safely in the regulation of skin color, stain treatment and under-eye bruises by suppressing melanin formation.


It is an organic compound which is present in the amount of 3-8% in amber. Other resins are found in fossilized trees, often in resistant plants. Succinate is a saturated dibasic salt. It is present as colorless crystals. Succinate is an organic molecule that has an active stimulating effect on metabolism. Succinate is mainly taken with nutrients. Succinate can also be synthesized in large quantities depending on the metabolic rate. Succinate does not accumulate in the organism. The succinate can be consumed slowly or rapidly for various requirements.
A healthy body can produce up to 300 mg of succinic acid per day. Succinate production is related to many metabolic events related to energy production and energy production by participating in KREBS cycle. Succinate can neutralize harmful free radicals in the body, which are factors of many destruction processes and aging in the body. Succinate can correct oxidative stress. Succinate can provide removal of toxic substances formed and accumulated in the body, especially metals such as Fe-Cu.


It is a product containing high molecular weight maximum HA and succinic acid required for anti-aging correction.
Can increase skin elasticity by 79%.
It can reduce the amount of wrinkles by 40%.
Can reduce skin hyperpigmentation by 20%.
It can provide water and moisture balance of skin.

Homogeneous HA produced by double membrane synthesis method (synthesis II), which is a new purification process, is used in Xela rederm production. FDA approved patented product consisting of succinic acid and hyaluronic acid combination. This anti-aging formula has been developed against the effects of aging of the skin caused by the accumulation of free radicals, suppression of metabolic processes as a result of disruption of water and moisture balance of the skin, disruption of energy production.
In the case of hypoxia, the crabs cycle slows down and succinate accumulates in the mitochondrial matrix. This accumulation may lead to activation of the HIF-1 gene. It can also stabilize HIF-1 in the hypothalamus. POMC may increase gene expression. In the succinate glyoxylate pathway, it may also consist of glutamine, aspartate and GABA. 2mg / kg succinate can increase blood flow and catecholamine release. Succinate receptors have been shown in many tissues.

Formation of immune response
Lipid metabolism
Regulation of blood pressure and cardioprotective effect
Production of anti-inflammatory proteins
GnRH stimulation
It can suppress free radical damage.
It can lighten and whiten existing melanosomes.

In oxidized form, melanin is dark, when it becomes reduced, it is brown. Succinic acid can cause melanin to remain in reduced form.

Effect of Electri on Fe and Cu chelation:
It can coat chelate + charged cations (trace elements = Zn, Mn, Fe, Cu) with a charged molecule.

Succinate can cause chelation with Cu ion and block tyrosine hydroxylase, which causes tyrosine to convert to melanin.
In this way, melanin by suppressing the formation of skin color regulation, stain treatment, can be applied to remove under the eye bruises.

Patented product consisting of succinic acid and hyaluronic acid combination.
This unique anti-aging formula in ELECTRI;
1- It can provide water and moisture balance of skin.
2-By regulating energy production at the cellular level (succinic acid-Krebs cycle) can correct impaired metabolic processes. Energy production, fibroblast and collagen synthesis after skin wrinkles correction and can provide lifting affect.
3- It can prevent oxidative stress caused by the accumulation of free radicals. (succinic acid)
4- It can bind to heavy metals by chelase effect of succinic acid and prevent melanin and prevent hyperpigmentation.

Sodium Succinate 1.6% (16mg / ml);
Hyaluronic acid 5.5mg;
HA Molecular weight 2.5 M Dalton *
HA purity -0.0002;
Sterile, Nontoxic, Homogeneous

Hyaluronic acid is more intense forms:


Electri can be used safely and easily for hydration of the hands, face, neck, and décolleté, and pigmentation correction. It can improve the depth and dimensions of the lines and provide satisfactory anti-aging and lifting.