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What is Endopeel?

It is a medical muscle lifting method that reduces sagging especially in the face and neck and can be applied in various parts of the body (such as butt, arms, belly), which has been increasingly used in Europe and America in recent years. Carbolic acid is the active ingredient of Endopeel which reduces the sagging and wrinkles as a result of the tension it creates on the skin by increasing the patented product muscle tone.
Endopeel, whose raw material is composed of low molecular weight carbolic acid and esterified fatty acids derived from peanuts, can be rapidly eliminated after injection. 95% of carbolic acid is excreted in the urine within 24 hours. Peanut oil acts as a buffer for spreading and vacuolization. It remains in the muscle for 3 weeks; linoleic acids undergo arachidonic acid conversion. Arachidonic acids increase the permeability

of the cell membrane. Due to the arachidonic transformation, cytokines such as leukotriene (LTB 4, LTD 4), prostaglandin (PGF2a, PGE2, PGI2), thromboxane (TXA 2) secrete and increase the inflammatory reaction.
Endopeel is an internal peeling. In other words, when injected, the exfoliating effect starts from the inside and progresses to the outside. With this feature, the skin is renewed and tightened while the face is stretched. With Endopeel, skin tissue can gain a younger skin form. No filling effects. Endopeel effect can last for 8-10 months.

What is the effect of Endopeel?

Endopeel increases the tone and tightening of the muscle injected into it, while there is no decrease in muscle contraction activity. Endopeel improves the skin quality and provides skin tension in the region.
Endopeel improves the tension of the muscle, helps to improve the sagging condition, tightens the skin just above it and removes wrinkles.
Endopeel can provide volumetric tightening of the skin. (1/3 middle region of face and 1/3 lower region with jaw contour).
Endopeel gives a feeling of tension in every region where it is applied.
It can help to remove the vertical cigarette lines caused by hyperactivity of the muscles on the lip.
In order to obtain long-lasting effect, Endopeel technique is applied only in muscles.
With Endopeel , significant results can be obtained in face and neck lifting .
Face and neck lifting with Endopeel can last 8-10 months.
Endopeel supports the injection of Botulinum toxin applied to the forehead and eyes around the middle and lower parts of the face without stretching the muscles. In this way, the upper part of the face is illuminated while the middle and lower face can adapt to this situation by stretching and rejuvenating.

How is Endopeel applied?

It is used by injecting into the muscle tissue of the desired area to remove sagging or wrinkles. Endopeel has no burning or painful effect on muscle. Local anesthetic creams are used to reduce the pain caused by the injection in order to make the application comfortable. Depending on the width of the area to be applied, the total processing time is around 15-30 minutes.

Which areas it can be applied to?

Face; Facial lifting
Neck lifting
Lifting of nasolabial sulcus (line extending from the lower part of the nose to lips corners)
Nose lifting (with Botox)
Zygomatic malar lifting

Which areas of the body can Endopeel be applied to?

for Obtaining an image of a tight muscular butt known as ‘Brazilian butt’ (Hip lift)
Rejuvenation of hands
Reduction of Armpits wrinkles
Tightening of the abdominal skin

What are the general effects of Endopeel?

Face tightening
Opening of nasolabial sulcus
Opening of Chinese mustache
More pronounced mandibular contour
Improvement of the perioral lines
Improvement of middle 1/3 and lower 2/3 of the face
Lifting  and correction of the nose.
Removal of nose wrinkles and lifting the nose
Correction of under-chin sagging
Clarification of the mandible contour
Straightening of the platinum bands in the neck (with Botox)
Reduction of perioral smoking lines (small wrinkles around lip)

Basic Effects of Endopeel
Lifting effect in the muscle mass
Volumetric skin tightening
Deeply regenerating and cleansing the skin
Improved skin quality
Tightening of pores

after Endopeel application what to be careful about?

Conditions that create heat such as sauna, very hot water should be avoided.

If you are allergic to peanuts, you should consult your doctor before the application.
Do not enter tanning booths immediately after the Endopeel injection, very hot and sweaty environments should be avoided, and you can’t wear make-up. you can take a shower and make up next day.
After Endopeel as home care, hyaluronic acid creams and sunscreen over 50 SPF and (UVA / UVB) are recommended to support the increase of moisture and protect the skin.
Vit K (Arnica, Auriderm, Hiridoid) creams are useful for ecchymoses (bruises).

Does it cause mimic loss?

You won’t lose your mimics because Endopeel doesn’t paralyze muscles.

Can it be used for life?

Endopeel can be repeated when needed, as it returns to its original state 8-10 months after application. There is no objection.