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Herbal Vital

Herbal Vital

Dr. med. Christine Schrammek’s herbal care. It is part of the Green Peel family, which is a biological peel. ‘Biological’ means that Herbal Vital is a purely herbal extract.
Herbal Vital is a clinically developed, world-class, herbal-based skin renewal method that does not contain any chemicals and synthetic abrasives, can accelerate blood circulation in the applied area, and can make a peeling effect without visible micro-granules on the upper skin.
The mixture that creates this effect consists of the leaves, shoots, flowers and roots of 22 kinds of plants which are dried and finely powdered. These plants can be listed as horsetail, goldfish, chamomile, pomegranate, pansy, violet, yellow patience, linden, licorice root, mistletoe and moss. It also contains high-impact natural substances (wheat germ extract and oil, silk proteins, yeast), vitamins (A, E, C, BI, B6, F), elements (silicon, etc.) and various minerals (calcium and magnesium).
It doesn’t cause burns even if it gets in the eyes. This mixture is applied with a special massage. After Herbal Vital, blood circulation can be regulated under the skin, nutrition can be increased in this way, but also toxins and other accumulations can move away from the skin, and more oxygen can reach the skin. With the effect of 22 kinds of plants on comedones and active acne, skin oil accumulation can be reduced and acne can be lost.
The formation of new cells in the basal layer is stimulated. Skin structure, color and quality can be improved. In rough and Acne skins, fat accumulation will be reduced. Closed comedones can be turned into open comedones. As a result of a comfortable secretion forming New comedones will be prevented.
Herbal Vital is a peeling method that is applied successfully all over the world. With this method, the aging time of the skin can be reduced and the skin can become fresher and more renewed. Herbal Vital is a peeling that can be applied easily on all skin types.

In what situations is Herbal Vital applied?

Problematic, acne and blackhead formation prone to skin,
Oily, with large pores skin,
Poor circulation, pale skin,
For sun damaged and thickened skin,
Skin rejuvenation, revitalization and regeneration in general.
Since there are no chemical and synthetic substances, Herbal Vital does not have any effect other than a slight redness. It was first applied in Germany by Doctor Christine Schrammek. It has been developed for more than 40 years and has been used in more than 40 countries including Germany, America, England, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, Korea and in recent years in our country.
With the help of this herbal method, which is aided by nature, it may be possible to breathe and add sparkle with monthly Herbal Vital treatments especially for acne and acne-prone, oily skin.

Why Herbal Vital?

It is natural and consists entirely of plant mixtures.
The formula was created by doctors.
Free from harmful chemicals and synthetics.
Effect can be seen in a short time.

How Does Herbal Vital Work?

Herbal Vital, which is completely pure plant mixture and does not contain chemical additives, can accelerate the blood circulation in the applied area and make a peeling effect on the upper skin. This condensation in the blood circulation can stimulate the skin metabolism. Thus, it can promote the formation of new cells in the applied skin area and can help to visibly renew the skin.

Successful Application of Herbal Vital Method?

Oily and pale skin
Skin prone to premature wrinkling and winding
Tired skin
Skin damaged by the sun
Skin with pigmentation problems

How is Herbal Vital Applied?

After Herbal Vital application, a slight tenderness and pinkness occurs on the skin. On days 3 and 4, the skin is peeled indefinitely without any discomfort. And you’ll have A brand-new skin texture in between 5-7 days. We Only recommend after regular cleaning, moisturizing and the use of an effective sunscreen Herbal Vital.

What are the Effects of Herbal Vital Treatment on the Skin?

Accelerates Blood Circulation.
Skin metabolism is accelerated.
More oxygen to reach the skin.
Toxins removed quickly from the skin.
Dead cells in the upper skin are removed.
Regeneration of the epidermis and dermis is accelerated.
Collagen formation is increased.
Acne and acne scarred skin secretion may be reduced.
Closed comedones can be opened, the formation of new comedones is reduced.
Acne pits and scars on the skin are reduced.
Pores will become tighter.
Fine lines are reduced.