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Light Fillers

Light Fillers can be safely applied to the entire face to moisturize and revitalize the skin. Hyaluronic acid is naturally present in our body and maintains moisture in the deep layers of the skin by retaining water. This powerful moisturizing agent begins to decrease with age. Therefore, the skin dries, weakens and wrinkles appear. The product is completely natural and is obtained from a bacterium found in the human body under laboratory conditions. Fully compatible with the human body. This distinguishes light filler from all other commercially available fillers.
Our eye area is surrounded by a special fat that can easily go in all directions and this fatty area can maintain its position thanks to a natural barrier called septum. The septum is pushed forward by the fat bag for genetic reasons and with an age-related increase. As our age progresses, the bone structure of our face becomes thin, so the bone naturally moves backwards in this state. This results in gaps and shadows under the eye area. In cases that have not reached the size of surgical intervention, these depressions and fluctuations can be made more obscure by the Light Filler.

Genetic causes of under-eye bagging and bruising are; Allergic reactions, alcoholic beverages, lying position (such as lying on your stomach) or sleep disorders are the factors that increase this situation.
Vertical streaks, called so-called ‘cigarette lines’, can also be filled naturally with light fillers.
Light Fill can also be applied in the form of Electri, which contains hyaluronic acid, the skin’s building blocks, and the succinate complex, which is a complex of skin restructuring and color, in the content of the light fill, which lasts for an average of 1 year. In Electri application, the pits under the eyes can be filled while filling, the succinate is a natural antiaging agent obtained from amber and which is the building block of the crabs’ cycle. Fossils remained until this century thanks to succinate. Electri ‘s content of succinate with Fe and Cu ions chelate and prevent the oxygenation of these ions in the dark circles of spots and darkening of the eye may occur and may last for a long time. Electri can reduce melanin synthesis in melanocytes by inhibiting tyrosinase enzyme with succinate. Electri can work against time with elastin collagen stimulation and anti-aging properties.