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What is Pellefirm?

It is a MONOPOLAR RADIOFRANCE which is applied for body shaping, tightening and cellulite treatment with a special massage head of Pellefirm. Pellefirm heats the deeper layers of the skin with radiofrequency energy, combining it with a mechanical massage system specially developed for cellulite and as a result helps to rebuild the skin. This initiate restructuring for a more cellulite-free and firmer skin. While tightening areas such as abdominal, arm, legs, thighs, and buttocks, the special title allows the revitalization of the lymphatic circulation and helps to evacuate the waste in the circulating lymphatic system. In this way, it is felt that the edema decreases and the circulation is relaxed after the first application. The goal of Pellefirm is the formation of a new skin tissue that is more cellulite-free, thinner and firmer.
Pellefirm has the effect of tightening the skin with radiofrequency method and shortening the fibrous bands causing cellulite. It is also a monopolar radiofrequency system that can rejuvenate wrinkled skin and reduce loss of elasticity. Rejuvenates the skin by stimulating elastin collagen production Pellefirm was approved by the FDA in 2009 for this purpose.

How does Pellefirm work?

After obtaining FDA approval in 2009, Pellefirm is used safely in all countries of the world and by using advanced radiofrequency technology (4 Megahertz), it accelerates collagen production by heating deep layers of the skin without damaging the epidermis and dermis. Pellefirm can provide an immediate tightening of the collagen structure, which can increase over time and create a noticeable improvement in the fluctuating skin structure due to loss of elasticity over a period of up to 6 months.

What is the mechanism of action of Pellefirm?

Our skin renews itself by shedding old skin cells on its natural surface. This process slows down as collagen production decreases with age. Collagen is an important protein produced in the middle layer of the skin. Collagen can provide skin elasticity and firmness.

The temperature of the area treated with Pellefirm is increased to the level specified in the protocol, so that the structure of the weakened, elongated and thinner collagen under the skin is changed with temperature and the long lines are unbonded to shorten, thereby reducing cellulite appearance. With Pellefirm, the cells that produce the subcutaneous tissue called fibroblast, which senses heat, are stimulated and a new collagen tissue is formed over time. This makes the skin look more tense, wrinkle-free and youthful. Slow heating of the middle layer of the skin stimulates the production of new collagen. Pellefirm softens the appearance of sagged skin by shrinking elastin-collagen fibers.

Pellefirm, which is FDA approved and used safely in all countries of the world, uses radiofrequency technology to heat the deep layers of the skin without damaging the epidermis and the upper layer, accelerating collagen production and providing skin tension. Immediately after collagen production, the tightening effect may appear and this tightening continues to increase over time.

Also called ‘body iron’, Pellefirm shows its effect immediately when it is made. After a week, the body continues to rejuvenate, tighten and revitalize. After one month, the actual effect begins, and becomes more obvious in three to six months. As a result of the production of fibroblasts with Pellefirm collagen synthesis increases tissue tightness and the skin begins to rejuvenate. and the effect lasts for a year in average.

What are the advantages of Pellefirm over other methods?

The most important advantage is that it offers personalized work. It can be applied to all cellulite grades and skin types. Does not create sunlight sensitivity. No medication is required. No anesthesia cream is required before or after the application. It does not require any special maintenance after application.

What is felt during the application?

The subcutaneous heat of the radiofrequency waves stimulates the subcutaneous tissue each time the Pellefirm device application heads touch the skin. When the application area reaches 42-44 degrees, which is the target temperature, the massage effect is more pleasant. The feeling of warming is indicative of the heat required for collagen tightening. When Pellefirm is applied, a special gel is used to increase communication and the effectiveness of the cellulite treatment and the comfort of the person are further increased during the procedure.

No pain is felt in the Pellefirm system. A slight sensation of heat may be felt.

Which areas is Pellefirm applied to?

Pellefirm is also effective on inside the legs, inside the arm, belly, banana folds and buttocks.

What to expect after the transaction?

Possible side effects of Pellefirm administration are a slight sensation of heat within the treated area during application. In addition, a slight swelling and redness may disappear within half an hour. It does not cause problems such as peeling, edema and long-term redness on the skin surface. It can be safely applied in summer. It can also be applied for dark skinned people.

How long does Pellefirm take?

For an average area such as the leg, belly or banana fold, Pellefirm treatment takes normally 10 – 15 minutes. Pellefirm is usually planned for several zones and depending on the applied area it can take 30 min to 1 hour. Radiofrequency means electric wave. Electrical waves can suffer significant loss when trying to pass through a very dry skin surface. The water rate of the skin determines the heating rate. Young skin with water heats up faster. It is recommended to use a proper moisturizer before all radiofrequency applications, since increasing the moisture content of the skin before treatment is the correct preparation to increase the effectiveness of the treatment.

How long does the Pellefirm effect last?

The effect lasts for a year in average.

Which age group is Pellefirm recommended?

Pellefirm is recommended for people between 30-60 years of age with loss of elasticity and cellulite in the body.