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What is Pelleve?

Pelleve, is gold heat and a radiofrequency method. It is an advanced monopolar radiofrequency system. It can stimulate and renew the skin’s elastin collagen, Pelleve can be used in the treatment of tired appearance and wrinkles that become apparent with age. The headers are gold. Pelleve, also known as the ‘face iron’, can rejuvenate tired faces. With Pelleve application, the face can be more tense, slightly pink tone and more vivid. Pelleve can cause facial rejuvenation and stretching by increasing tissue firmness of collagen synthesis as a result of the production of stimulated fibroblasts.
Pelleve was approved in 2009 by the FDA (American Food and Drug Administration) for skin lifting and rejuvenation.

How does Pelleve work?

After obtaining FDA approval in 2009, Pelleve, which is used safely in all countries of the world, can use the advanced radiofrequency technology (4 Megahertz) to heat the deep layers of the skin without damaging the epidermis and the upper layer and accelerate collagen production.
Pelleve, can provide tension in the collagen structure and this tension may increase over time, the skin tension and wrinkles can be increased in up to 6 months.

What is the mechanism of action of Pelleve?

Our skin can renew itself by shedding old skin cells on its natural surface. This process may slow down as collagen production decreases with age. Collagen is an important protein produced in the middle layer of the skin. Collagen can provide skin elasticity and firmness. When collagen production decreases, signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles, may become apparent.
The temperature of the treated area with the Pelleve can be increased to the level specified in the protocol, so that the structure of the weakened, elongated and thinner collagen under the skin can be changed with temperature and the long lines unlinked to shorten, thereby removing wrinkles. In addition to shrinkage, the cells that produce the subcutaneous tissue called fibroblasts which can sense heat can be stimulated and a new collagen tissue can be formed over time. This allows the skin to look more tense, wrinkle-free and youthful. Slow heating of the middle layer of the skin can stimulate new collagen production and soften wrinkles.
The Pelleve system can reduce crow’s feet around the eyes, wrinkles and under-eye bags.
FDA approved and safely used in all countries of the world, Pelleve can radiate deep layers of the skin and accelerate collagen production without damaging the epidermis and the upper layer by using radiofrequency technology. It can provide a tightening effect after collagen production and this tightening may continue to increase over time. The duration of treatment may be between 30 minutes and 1 hour, depending on the region being treated.
Pelleve, also called face iron, can make its effect felt when it is made. A week later, the feeling of rejuvenation, tightening and revitalization may continue. As a result of the production of stimulated fibroblasts, tissue tightness of collagen synthesis may increase and the face may begin to rejuvenate and the effect may last for one year.

What are the advantages over other methods?

In addition to being painless, the advantage may be that it offers personalized work. Gold ironing can be used even on the eyelid. Applicable to all skin types. Does not create sunlight sensitivity. Anesthesia cream is not required.

What is felt during the application?

Each time the Pelleve device application heads touch your skin, the effect of heat massage can be felt with the transfer of radio waves. This feeling of warming may indicate that the heat required for collagen tightening is reached. A soothing special gel can be used on the area to be treated with Pelleve and the comfort of the person can be provided during the procedure.

Which areas is Pelleve applied to?

Pelleve can be used on the entire face, double chin, eyelid and around the eyes, hands and neck.

What to expect after the transaction?

Possible side effects of Pelleve may be a slight sensation of heat within the treated area that may occur during administration. In addition, a slight swelling and redness may occur within half an hour. It can also be applied in summer. It can also be applied to dark skinned people.

How long does Pelleve take?

For a complete facial treatment, Pelleve may normally be 20 to 40 minutes.

How long is the effect of Pelleve?

The effect may persist for 3 weeks -1 months.

Which age group is recommended for Pelleve?

Pelleve can be applied to people aged between 30-60 years with skin loss of elasticity and thin wrinkles