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Somon DNA

What is Salmon DNA?

Skin quality may inevitably deteriorate over time and with the effect of environmental factors. Collagen and elastin fibers are broken down and the body’s own hyaluronic acid can vary in amount and function. The skin may appear drier, drier, and its elasticity may be reduced. Salmon DNA is based on the principle that the body’s natural elements, polynucleotides and hyaluronic acid molecules are used together.

What is the Combined Approach?

The polynucleotide and hyaluronic acid molecules that make up the treatment combination can provide results with specific mechanism of action in skin rejuvenation.

Who can have the salmon DNA applied to?

It is a formula produced from salmon DNA, which contains B complex vitamins, peptides, hyaluronic acid and restorative proteins. The salmon DNA vaccine can be applied as an injection to the skin.
Salmon DNA can then increase endogenous hyaluronic acid, with a significant amount of water molecules directed around it. It can hold and store water molecules, thus providing a long-lasting moisturizing effect. It can strengthen the skin against dehydration. Depending on age, genetic or environmental factors, collagen and elastin fibers in the skin may weaken. Salmon DNA can help balance and restore the moisture that the skin has lost over time. It can also regenerate elastin fibers and improve circulation under the skin, allowing the skin to repair itself. Salmon DNA vaccine is used to support damaged subcutaneous tissue. Salmon DNA can be applied to all skin types over 30 years of age.

What are the mechanisms by which salmon DNA improves skin quality?

Salmon DNA can enhance the skin’s elasticity and firmness by strengthening the skin structure in each session. It can increase trophism of fibroblasts and prevent radiation damage due to UVB. Can regulate skin’s reduced moisture balance. It can provide effective skin rejuvenation and physiological revitalization of skin / fibroblasts. This results in healthy looking, smooth and radiant skin. It can give the skin a whole new energy and glow. In the treatment of salmon DNA, a combination of substances such as DNA obtained from salmon, various vitamins, antioxidants, DMAE (Dimethyl Amino Ethanol) and low concentration of hyaluronic acid are applied.
It is especially recommended for skin that has lost moisture due to environmental factors and sun, pores are enlarged, tend to sag and become sensitive.
People who are exposed to sun and solarium too often, who have genetically dry skin, who smoke and / or drink alcohol, who cannot take care of their skin because of their busy working tempo, can benefit from Salmon DNA application.
Since there is no blood vessel in the epidermis, the necessary minerals and vitamins can be obtained from the blood vessels and the intercellular space (biomatrix) in the dermis. The amount of elastin-collagen and oxygen in the skin decreases with aging and toxins containing free radicals may increase. This may impair the function of the cells. As a result, subcutaneous connective tissue loosens and streaking may occur.
Since the cell metabolism is increased with salmon DNA, the immune system can also be strengthened. Cells may need to be supplemented with extra vitamins and minerals to proliferate and function. The synthesis of new elastin and collagen fibers in salmon DNA can be stimulated and supported. There is no gender or age restriction in salmon DNA treatment.

Which areas can it be applied to?

Salmon DNA can be applied on cheeks, forehead, eye edges, upper lips, chin, neck and décolleté as well as on the back of the hand.

What positive changes can be achieved with salmon DNA?

Thanks to salmon DNA, facial and neck wrinkles decrease, revitalize the skin structure and increase quality.
After salmon DNA, the skin can be balanced with reduced elastin, collagen, hyaluronic acid content. Contains cell renewal vitamins, antioxidants and connective tissue ingredients that balance the fullness and moisture of the skin, resulting in an increase in tone and a reduction in fine lines. As a result, aging effects can be reduced and a more fresh and fresh skin can be obtained. Salmon DNA; PRP and light fillers can be combined for more positive results.

For what purposes?

1- Tight, moist and bright skin appearance can be provided.
2- Wrinkles may decrease.
3 – reconstruction and revival of damaged skin due to External factors (sun, cold, solarium) can be seen.

What is the interval and number of sessions?

1 per month; 1-3 sessions may be required. The number and interval of sessions may vary depending on the condition of the skin, the age of the patient, and the purpose of application. It can be applied once or twice a week in advanced aged and worn skin.

What substances do the sera used contain?

Application 30 Gauge fine laser cutting needles are injected into the subcutaneous tissue with a mixture of serum at multiple points. The sessions may take about 20-30 min.

Is it painful?

Pain can be minimal. However, local anesthetic creams may also be used to improve application comfort.

What side effects can occur after?

Immediately after the application, redness of the skin, spot bruising, slight edema may occur.

Repair of young, mature and photogenic damaged skin,
Hand rejuvenation for a lively and renewed hand,
Regression of skin dystrophy,
Illumination, reconstruction of the eye contour, and regression of swelling-dark circles.