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Spider Web

What is Spider Web?

PDO Face Strap

Our face, neck and décolleté may face problems such as sagging, wrinkles, slackness with the passing of years. With aging, water loss in our skin, collagen and elastin fibers decrease, skin tension and vitality decrease, over time, our skin may start to look dull, bright appearance may decrease. With Ultra V lift (Spider web face lift technique) method PDO (polytrioxanes) and PGA (Polyglycolic acid) by placing the threads under the skin fibroblasts and growth factor-producing collagen-producing reaction can be initiated. In this way, micro-blood circulation and repair mechanism in the tissue can be stimulated, collagen and elastin production can be increased. Dangling and loosening skin may be collected and stretched. Ropes applied to the skin can provide the adhesion effect by increasing the production of collagen in the skin. The spider web technique is in the non-surgical face lift and anti-aging category.
PDOs placed under the skin tissues can be replaced after 6 months by the collagen structure produced completely in a natural looking way by the body itself. Cells and tissues in the facial skin may begin to produce new fibroblasts and collagen. Thus, sagging skin can have a natural tension.
After the face lift technique with PDO threads, the first effect can be felt immediately. Since the inserted yarns will replace the weakened and loosened fibroblasts due to the bonding effect, the skin can become firmer and more alive with the golden rope net formed instantly. The second effect is the anti-aging effect based on the stimulation of the body fibroblast. This can occur exactly after 1 month. It can last up to 2 years. In the spider web method, which is a completely different technique from other known thread lifting techniques as the mechanism of action, no load may be placed on the threads. Therefore, there is no possibility that the effect of the thread will disappear and the skin will return to its original state after a short time. It is not possible to break or loosen the thread after the spider web technique. Asymmetry is unlikely to happen. Mimics are not affected.
Face lift application with PDO ropes is a non-surgical face lift, wrinkle reduction and revitalization process. The formation of wrinkles in the face area, sagging cheeks and under the chin can cause the face to gradually ovalize, at this point, Spider Web Technique can be an alternative to cosmetic surgery to help you solve possible the problems on your skin.

Basic Purpose of Spider Web Aesthetics;
In the application of spider web aesthetics, polydioxanone strings and fine-tipped needles are used to place these strings under the skin. These medical threads, which have no side effects, are applied like spider webs under the skin by using fine-tipped needles.
Threads processed into the problem area can produce collagen and a strong lifting effect can begin. The skin may begin to produce biological fibroblasts, collagen and elastin in response. The skin can be revitalized, recovered, and facial features become prominent.
Spider web is an application that does affect your social life and not lead to complications such as swellings or bruises.
The effect of spider web application may be seen more clearly starting from the 3rd month. Depending on the skin type, the duration of effect can be 2-3 years.

Who is Spider Web Aesthetics Suitable for?

This process is ideal for people who do not have very dense sagging and deep lines. PDO threads can be applied to both men and women. thread tightening is generally applicable to patients between 35 and 60 years of age who want to look younger and more dynamic, but do not need a serious and open face lift because they do not suffer from a significant loss of elasticity on their face.

Spider Web Aesthetics for Which Areas?

Wrinkles on the face,
Sagging on the face,
Wrinkles around lips and mouth,
Wrinkles under your lower eyelids,
sagging under the chin.

Is Spider Web Aesthetics Safe?

With PDO threads, the face lift technique is considered very safe. After the Ultra V Lift face lift, there is no problem other than small bruises. The threads used are so-called polypropylene PDO (Polytrioxane) and PGA (Polyglycolic acid) threads, which have been proven to be suitable for health.

How long is the process of returning to daily life after spider web aesthetics?

Most patients return to their daily lives immediately after thread Face Lifting. During this period there is no need to change the mimic usage or the lying position. These may not affect the process. It is OK to massage the face. After the operation, the rash passes immediately. The bruises and swellings are lower than a simple injection. The threads used are thin as strands of hair. It is OK to massage the face. After the operation, the rash passes immediately. The bruises and swellings are lower than a simple injection. The yarns used are thin as strands of hair.

What is the Difference of Spider Web Aesthetics from Other Similar Applications?

The threads are open at both ends. Fibroblast stimulating is an antiaging process rather than a conventional face lift.
Redness and edema do not last very long.
Skin tightening can have a serious antiaging effect.
The effect can last for up to 2 years.
Does not affect mimics.
The risk of needle-induced bruising is minimal.
It is an application that can be performed in the office environment in 15-20 minutes, which does not require an operating room, and that only local anesthetic cream will be sufficient.

In Which Areas Can Spider Web Aesthetics Be Used?

The spider web can provide immediate lifting effect against sagging on the face, neck and many other parts of the body, and can be used as a long-acting antiaging method for reducing the fine wrinkles and making the skin look taut and vivid.
Unlike the other parts of the face; Successful results can be obtained by using spider web technique with longer and thicker threads in the treatment of sagging of the arms, slackness in the inner legs, skin laxity and sagging after birth in the breast and abdomen.