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Thulium Lazer


Thulium laser (1927 nm) is a fractional laser used in the treatment of blemishes. Treatment can be effective on spots.

It is a new and very effective laser system especially for the treatment of melasma. Melasma is a facial mask of the skin covered by a genetic disorder. In our country, especially in the Mediterranean coast of the South coast it is seen frequently. Melasic stains are affected not only by the sun, but also by all kinds of physical trauma, sudden changes in air, stress and mood. The increasingly blackened face gets darker every summer, opening more in winter, but every year spotting continues to darken and spread increasingly. Large pores are often added to stains that tend to turn into this thickened butterfly wing. Melasma patients should take care of their skin lifelong.

It should always be prepared for the possibility of returning the spots again even if they are completely wiped away with Thulium laser. Thulium Laser’s effect lasts long time because it targets the melanocytes. Literature has shown that even if the melasmatic stains return, it does not exceed half the ratio before treatment. Therefore, it is a serious preservative for stain formation.

In order to show an accelerating effect for treatment process Thulium laser should be supported with professional care such as Oxygeneo NeoBright which acts like a tyrosinase inhibitor

Generally, a redness that lasts only two hours after Thulium laser application is felt. Slight darkening of the stains is not disturbing. Patients can continue their social life by using moisturizer and sunscreen after application. Excessive dark and widespread stained skin may experience a mild scaling.

Within a week the results of the treatment will be seen. Full effect occurs within 3 weeks. The treatment is applied as a single session, after 3 weeks and 6 weeks, the 2 times control session to remove the remaining stains and to prevent the formation of new stains is useful. Target is the breakdown of melanocytes.

Thulium laser is also effective in antiaging. Visible bleaching of the spots is felt, while the skin luster, regeneration, reduction in fine wrinkles and shrinkage of pores appear. Care after treatment and the products used are very important. The treatment of blemishes and melasma is a lifelong process. People prone to skin staining and melasma should take care of themselves, pay attention to their personal care and use professional products with doctor’s advice.

Thulium laser makes skin whitening treatment virtually. It can be considered as a professional treatment rather than a medical treatment. Hollywood celebrities, who have no staining problems have this process in order to polish and tighten their skin. Their main aim is to protect the transparency and lightness of their skin. Because of the rejuvenating effect of treating pigments, it is known in the world and in the magazine press as Baby Face process.

Skin stains are caused by an increase in the melanin content of the phagocytic cells in the form of octopus and wool ball called melanosis because of sun, spotlight, aging, pregnancy, environmental factors and hormonal changes.

The areas of the variegated pigmentation in the skin form a scattered stained appearance in the growing and darkening shapes. The goal of the Thulium laser is to destroy the growing macrophages that have become an expanding wool ball.

So far, all treatments applied to skin blemishes were planned to detonate and destroy the dye cells called melanin, which make up the spot. Many laser and peeling systems have been used for this purpose, but no effective results have been obtained in the treatment of stains.

The most important difference of Thulium laser, which we use recently with a different mechanism than all the other systems, is that it targets the melanocytes which we call macrophages instead of blasting melanin cells.

How Long  is the Recovery Process?

Because it does not require surgical intervention in stain treatment, it can be performed in a short time. During a few days there may be mild darkness and edema. Humidification and sun protection are important.

How effective is Thulium Laser?

The 1927nm wavelength laser device is often referred to as laser-assisted skin care. It adds a gorgeous shine and smoothness to the skin and helps to lighten the spots. It shows the effect in the first session. It shrinks dirty, damaged and large pores.

Thulium Laser adds freshness and shine to the skin, helping to make the skin look younger while reducing sunspots and melasma.

After Thulium laser treatment, mesotherapy serums by combining special nano-particulate products and PRP which prevent pigment formation can be delivered to the lower layers of the skin with micro-channels that can be easily fractionated without the need for injection.

These products are applied under the skin from the inside out by Thulium laser and the results are satisfactory.


Effects of Thulium Laser application;

  • Bleaching the spots
  • Bleaching the slight melasma
  • Reducing wrinkles
  • Delaying Aging,
  • Polishing,
  • Whitening,
  • Pigment Reduction,
  • Correction of skin slack,
  • Rejuvenation of Neck and Jowl Region.