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‘Ultrasonic Face and Neck Lift

Ulthera is an alternative to ‘face lift surgery’ that uses the imaging feature of ultrasound technology to reach the deep layers of the skin and create a ‘stretching’ effect on the skin. And it’s FDA approved.
Ulthera application on the face of the patient; without a surgical procedure, it can reach tissues with a depth of 1.5-3–4.50mm with “sound waves and can re-adhere the renewed skin to SMAS while triggering collagen production in the region.
during Ulthera process ultrasonic waves are sent to 1.5mm, 3mm and 4.5mm below the skin. as a result of these ultrasound waves turning into heat in the targeted area, the collagen fibers present in the subcutaneous tissues can be tightened and heat and new collagen production can be triggered and the skin adheres more strongly to SMAS. As a result of the Ulthera process, skin quality increase, skin tightening and lifting effect can be achieved.
The most important tissue targeted in this process is SMAS (superficial muscular aponeurotic system). SMAS layer is the most important structure between the skin and the muscles and provides facial dynamism. SMAS layer is the layer where the surgical procedures are performed in many surgical methods. Shoots at a depth of 4.5 mm target this SMAS layer. Shots at a depth of 3 mm target subcutaneous tissues and skin at a depth of 1.5 mm. The result is an improvement in all skin layers. The skin surface is not destroyed during the procedure.
In Ulthera system, sound waves can be used to reach the deep layers of the skin, which can be reached during aesthetic surgeries, and it is possible for the ultrasound energy to reach the SMAS layer. In Ulthera system, by heating the skin a lifting and tightening effect may occur. Ulthera ‘s visible effects of tightening and recovery, as well as the skin’ s new fibroblast production triggered by the non – surgical face lift effect can be seen to rejuvenate the skin. Ulthera effect can be felt in 2-3 months.
Ulthera can resist the negative effects of time and gravity on the skin and help to tighten and lift the skin. The first negative effect of gravity on the skin is the ‘fall’ of the eyebrows and cheeks, and consequently the ‘shrinkage’ of the eyes. After the Ulthera process, eyebrows and cheeks are lifted up, excess skin can be lost by stretching the eyelid.
Ulthera can be an ideal treatment aimed at recovering loose tissue and achieving a tight appearance of the skin.

More collagen production
Reinforced connective tissues
Firmer, tighter skin
Reduction in wrinkles

How Long Does Ulthera Process Last?

Ulthera time varies according to the application area. The duration of the application around the eyes is approximately 15-20 minutes, while the application to the entire face and neck reaches up to 1 hour. One session may be sufficient to achieve the desired result.

In which regions is Ulthera effective?

Ulthera can be applied to the cheeks for wrinkles and chin for contours in the face area, to the neck against the sagging, to the brow-forehead area to raise the eyebrows, to reduce the wrinkles around the eyes and to the décolleté to reduce wrinkles.

What is Post Application?

There may be a slight edema and redness, which will disappear soon after the application.

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