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By then, she hopes to be in the United States, free of the poverty, violence and suffocating confines for women in Guatemala. That day, the smugglers called one of Mr. Sasvin Dominguez’s sons, demanding an extra $400 to ferry the two across the river to Texas. If not, they would be tossed out of the safe house, left to the seething violence of Reynosa.

The impact that participating in the intervention had on the circle leaders’ own wellbeing validates using a cascade approach for its delivery and speaks to the need for also addressing community-based health professionals’ psychosocial health needs. We originally intended to recruit women who scored high on an initial screening test for symptoms of depression and anxiety; however, the absence of primary health care services in the target communities made it difficult to screen this population. Instead, the leaders thought it preferable to select participants based on known need and their own familiarity with local women. This method seemed realistic and feasible for future implementation of the study.

Why Guatemala?

A study showed that, in recent months, women held proportionally less management positions in German companies than men. More women have faced challenges to advance their careers while they take care of their children in lockdown. It has been more than four months since the government took the first measures to contain the pandemic. The women of CONAVIGUA are weary, receiving no support from the government and frightened by the presence of the military in the streets. Many fear accusations from the authorities that they themselves are responsible for spreading COVID as they move between towns and village communities. The longer the pandemic lasts, the more families struggle to survive, with unemployment, fear, the number of people infected, and deaths rising.

  • In May 2016, the organisation took a motion to Guatemala’s constitutional court, seeking protection for indigenous textiles.
  • “There was no training or guidance for us, so we felt inferior to men. But it is not like that now. Men are beginning to understand that we have this right to participate, that we are equal.”
  • Women in Guatemala’s dry corridor region , known for its droughts, are at especially high risk.
  • Thirteen people were killed in the deadly collision including Yesenia and the 22-year-old driver of the SUV who has been identified as a Mexican national from Mexicali.

Acts of violence against women are described in the testimonies gathered by the REMHI, but very few references are made to the actual experiences of women who suffered such abuse. It is likely that these omissions are largely due to the difficulty women have speaking about a subject they consider to be a personal stigma.

Children, Work and Guatemala Dating

Similar questions are asked 12 months after study enrollment to observe our secondary outcomes; after the 12-month survey is conducted the study activities are considered complete. Short-interval pregnancy will be measured as the proportion of women in each arm of the trial who self-report repeat pregnancy when they complete their enrollment, 3-month, and 12-month surveys. The timepoint for this will be at enrollment and 3 and 12 months following enrollment in the study. The clinical relevance of our primary outcome is that we have the potential to reduce unintended and short-interval pregnancies by increasing utilization of a highly effective method of postpartum contraception .

Most (80 %) of this population would not communicate Spanish as their first language—there are 21 Mayan languages spoken in Guatemala—but, medical care is typically solely supplied in Spanish. Maya Well being Alliance, based to fill that gap in well being entry, has since grown into the second largest well being supplier in Guatemala, seeing 20,000 patients a 12 months. All services are offered in patients’ native languages and include sexual and reproductive well being care by way of girls’s health clinics. Studies carried out in Latin America and the Caribbean highlight how sexual violence is a serious problem for the region. These studies also show how the region has gained international recognition for the progress made there in the field of legal reforms aimed at addressing violence against women. The problem, however, is that the enforcement of such laws is often weak, owing to a general culture of impunity that characterises the region.

FLORES, Guatemala – A group of young women dressed in traditional colonial dresses walk by as as part of the celebrations for Guatemalan Independence Day on 15 September 2011. Groups of school students parade in a procession through the streets of Flores, starting in the Parque Central, walking through the town, and crossing the causeway into Santa Elena. Her new confidence also helped her, as Coordinator of the Youth Commission of the Permanent Forum of Political Parties, contribute to gathering a series of recommendations and suggestions from young people from across the women from Guatemala political spectrum. These were used as input to Guatemala’s existing National Law on Youth. May I be a sacrifice for my grandchildren-transgenerational transmission and women’s narratives of the Yezidi ferman. At the time of his death, Rios Montt was once again being prosecuted for genocide – but this time the trial was taking place with special provisions made to allow for his diagnosed dementia. Rios Montt was in office during the time that the crimes committed at the Sepur Zarco base were committed, but he was not prosecuted for those crimes in the Sepur Zarco trial.

So far this year there have been 120 cases of rapes, torture and even dismemberment. “This trial will help open a debate about feminicide, because the lack of justice actually contributes to increasing gender violence,” says Bernabeu. “There are times when foreign or international courts are the only recourse for victims, since they can get no justice in their own country,” she says. In 1990, Helen’s sister, Myrna Mack, an anthropologist, was murdered for her views on the human rights abuses against indigenous Guatemalans during the civil war. After years and many court battles, the assailants were brought to justice. In 1993, she established the Myrna Mack Foundation to continue her sister’s legacy to promote human rights in Guatemala.

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A positive development is the remarkable cooperation of many women, single or with families, who share possessions and goods and show great solidarity during this time of need. CONAVIGUA has an agroecological development program, where women farm collectively, growing healthy, eco-friendly crops for their own consumption.